Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Little Something About Me

Right, so I've had this blog for awhile and have yet to actually post anything (I know, I'm terrible) and I figure it's high time for me to write something since otherwise I'll just waste time on other virtually useless endeavors. I'm a amateur photographer (as I haven't even attempted to sell any of my stuff yet) and a reviewer for Bitten By Books a site for anyone interested in urban fantasy, horror, and paranormal books =) I'm also an acknowledged book addict with my Mt. TBR numbering at 364 as of yesterday (this number changes frequently)

I have an addiction (As if isn't painfully obvious from the pictures) and it is absolutely not helped by Bookmooch, my favorite book swap site, though I hear a twelve step program is in the works ;) One of my favorite projects that I do on the site (well besides swapping books) is creating maps of all the places I've sent and received books to and from. I have two sets of maps for both (i.e. one country map & state map for both sent and received), but for point of reference I'll show you the countries I've sent books to and the states I received books from since they are definitely the most impressive =)
I have sent books to or within 21 Countries:
Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, the U.S., and Venezuela
I have mooched books from 48 States:
I have not mooched books from Alaska & Wyoming. (Wyoming remains the one state I've neither sent nor received a book from, but I hope to change that soon.)
So, that being said, does anyone else out there have a TBR pile bigger then mine? I figure if I keep collecting books at this rate I will be swallowed alive by them in approximately 10.7 years. That is, of course, assuming I don't find time to read and get rid of a bunch of them before that occurs ;)